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The biennial ‘Yabba’ is an NPQ initiative to provide the opportunity for all Queensland members to meet and explore specific regional areas of the state.

This year our members in Warwick are the hosting the Yabba—renew friendships and explore the flora of the southern Darling Downs on the weekend of September 21-23.



Can you believe it is almost two years since Yabba Capricorn 2016 when our Rockhampton members hosted and organized a great weekend of activities? 

As the major biennial NPQ event, Yabba at Warwick will include the Bill Tulloch Memorial Lecture. In addition there will be time allocated to discuss items of interest and concern to branches.

As always this will be a ‘very Aussie weekend’ planned so you can experience a wide range of our native plants, in several interesting native gardens as well as walks through local park and bushland areas along the Great Dividing Range. Friday afternoon Rosenthall Scrub; Saturday Girraween National Park or Brown Falls, Queen Mary Falls, Moss Gardens, Condamine Head; and Sunday morning Durakai National Park.

Getting there

Although it is not too far for Brisbane members to take a scenic drive in the country, we are considering to offer coach transport for the weekend if there is sufficient interest. We plan that the coach will leave Brisbane on Friday morning September 21, picking up in the northern and western suburbs then Ipswich enroute to Toowoomba. We will use the coach for the park and garden visits during the weekend. Return to Brisbane on Sunday afternoon.

So if you book a seat on the coach you will enjoy a stress free weekend. Coach costs and booking details will be on the registration form.


NPQ Warwick have suggested that you book accommodation immediately as this period coincides with Toowoomba’s Carnival of Flowers so it is a busy time.

Don’t miss this Yabba!

We would like to think that most SEQ members would be able to attend and hope that some members from other regions of Queensland may like to come south as well. Remember NPQ Council offers a subsidy to Branches north from Gladstone to encourage participation. Be sure you take this opportunity to ‘Yabba’ at Warwick!


SGAP Qld Region State Conference 2010 8


/ˈjæbə/ (say 'yabuh) Colloquial
–verb (i) 1.  to talk; converse.
–noun 2.  talk; conversation.
[Australian pidgin, ? from Wuywurrung yaba; reinforced by jabber]
–yabberer, noun
from the Macquarie Dictionary